If we have any hope in the war against Islamic fascism

…It’s that our enemies are mind-bogglingly self-destructive:

Palestinian rocket hits Israeli city

Yes, those geniuses in Hamas (or Islamic Jihad, or al-Qaeda, or one of any number of lunatic murderers) fired a rocket toward the Israeli city of Ashkelon and hit a schoolyard. Luckily, no children were at school that day. Still, the Israelis likely will pound Gaza even harder as they search for kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit. What else can they do? The government has an obligation to defend its people, and, so far, PM Olmert has shown little reluctance to use force when needed.

Ze’ev Schiff of Haaretz wonders if the attack on the Ashkelon school wasn’t spurred by outside powers:

The firing of a rocket from the Gaza Strip to
Ashkelon’s center on Tuesday constitutes an unequivocal invitation by
Hamas to war. The Palestinians who launched the rocket apparently are
members of the Hamas military wing, but it’s quite possible that either
an Iranian or Syrian element interested in intensifying the military
conflict with Israel spurred the move.

Perhaps, and it isn’t impossible that Hamas-directed elements had goals that converged with the interests of Syrian and/or Iranian intelligence. It doesn’t change my point, however, that jihadis and those who support them are singularly naive or shortsighted: refusing to abide by the Oslo Accords; refusing to recognize Israel as the prior government had done; firing rockets into Israel almost from the moment Israel gave back Gaza; tunneling into Israeli territory, killing two soldiers, and kidnapping a third; and now rocketing a schoolyard.  Instead of taking the opportunity the Israelis presented them to build their country in Gaza –you know, schools, hospitals, roads– they instead buy weapons on the black market and use them to attack Israel proper.

And then they whine and scream when someone hits back.

And yet, like our jihadi enemies in al-Qaeda, maybe they’re not stupid. Maybe they’re simply showing their true faces for what they are: murderous thugs motivated by a Nazi-influenced ideology who cannot be negotiated with.

Either way, the fight goes on.

(hat tip: Roger L. Simon)

One Response to If we have any hope in the war against Islamic fascism

  1. max says:

    I can’ believe you guy into the whole “islamofascism” farce. How can you trust the mainstream media after they’ve proven to be liars and cover-up artists over and over?.
    Get beyond the left/right false paradigm. There is a document on the internet called “the 14 Points of Fascism”.
    Read it and tell me who’s really in the grip of fascism?

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