Fred Thompson 1, Fat Hack Director 0

Michael Moore took affront at former Senator Fred Thompson’s criticism of Moore’s recent trip to Cuba and in reply challenged Thompson to a debate over healthcare. Thompson then answered in turn, saying he didn’t have the time to debate Moore, but he did have some advice for the famed propagandist director:


And note the irony: Moore the filmmaker made his case via letters, while Thompson the politician released a video.

I’m liking this guy more and more.

(hat tip: PJM)

LINKS: Bob Krumm thinks Thompson’s move was brilliant, while Keeping It Real has declared himself a fan for life. Salena Zito wonders if this is Thompson’s watershed moment.

UPDATE: YouTube lies! The video is still available at this link.


2 Responses to Fred Thompson 1, Fat Hack Director 0

  1. MadAlfred says:

    And speaking of wackos like Moore, actor Danny Glover has sucked up to Chavez to the point that the Castro wannabe will be funding two of Glover’s film projects. One is on Simon Bolivar. Don’t be surprised if Glover seeks a Hugo lookalike for the leading role. I wonder if the dialogue will include broadsides at Bush?

  2. I wonder if Cindy Sheehan will star as Bolivar’s love-interest?
    Now that would be a horror-show! 😀

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