They deserved a break

The long-suffering Iraqi people got some well-deserved good news yesterday, when their national soccer team beat defending three-time champion Saudi Arabia to win the Asian Cup. The Examiner story gives the basics, but the joy of what this means for Iraqis is best told by Omar Fadhil of Iraq the Model:

Today is definitely the happiest day for Iraqis in years. Tears of joy mixed with prayers for hope on the faces of millions of Iraqis…Words truly fail me and I can’t describe the feeling so please pardon me if the post doesn’t sound coherent; I hear the cheering and music outside although the bullets of celebration keep falling on the ground and roofs here and there. But no one seems to worry about that, the moment is so great that fear has no place in the hearts of the millions of fans, neither from bullets nor from crazy suicide bombers who tried to kill our joy last week.

Our players, tonight our heroes, learned that only with team work they had a chance to win.

May our politicians learn from the players and from the fans who are painting a glorious image of unity and national pride, and let the terrorists know that nothing can kill the spirit of the sons of the immortal Tigris and Euphrates.

The fear is gone, the curfew is ignored, tonight Iraq knows only joy…

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  1. The latest from Iraq, with some reportage from Afghanistan/Pakistan

    Ill start with a very good headline that I honestly did nto expect, not at all. I shall explain why below. 
    U.S. death toll at 8-month low: At least 73 troops killed; U.S. official faults Iraqis for lack of progress The Associated Press Updated…

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