A keen sense of the obvious

September 29, 2007

From today’s Jerusalem Post:

The United Nations Human Rights Council has not managed to deal fairly with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the council’s president Doru-Romulus Costea told a Spanish newspaper on Saturday, according to Israel Radio.

Doru admitted that he was dissatisfied with the fact the council had overly focused on the degree of human rights violations by Israel.

That’s putting it mildly. The UNHRC (and its predecessor) spends almost 100% of its time criticizing Israel, which, while not perfect, is a liberal democracy and the most moral, ethical, and humane nation in the region. Meanwhile the commission ignores real atrocities committed by real dictatorships — North Korea, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Russia (yes, it’s a dictatorship), Cuba, and a host of others. The UNHRC –and the UN overall– is nothing but a playground for diplomats from corrupt, repressive governments and serves no useful purpose. The world would be no worse off if the UNHRC –and the UN, overall– were to vanish. It might even be better for it.



(courtesy: Jerusalem Post)

(hat tip: LGF)


September 29, 2007

CBS premiered Moonlight last night, a series about a private detective in Los Angeles, who happens also to be a vampire. I’ve been looking forward to this show. What did I think?

Short version: ick.

Longer version: the camera work was amateurish and annoying, the writing was clichéd, and the acting wooden.

Summary: It looks like a typical Sci-Fi Channel series, not something from a major network. I’ll be surprised if it lasts half a season.