How dare you? I’m journalist!

December 18, 2007

My, but don’t some people think they’re so special? Take Alycia Lane, for example. She’s a talking head an anchorwoman for CBS3 in Philadelphia. During an encounter with a New York City police officer in the wee hours of Monday morning, she tried to "pull rank" and then punched the cop:

PHILLY ANCHOR Alycia Lane is scheduled to appear on TV tomorrow night in "Celebrate the Season," an annual special highlighting holiday cheer in the Delaware Valley.

Not so fast.

The suits at CBS 3 and the CW Philly may have to reconsider broadcasting the special since Lane was arrested early yesterday on charges of punching a New York City cop in the face.

According to the police complaint, the Emmy-winning anchor yelled at the female police officer, "I don’t give a f— who you are, I’m a f—ing TV reporter, you f—ing dyke," according to, a Philadelphia Weekly blog.

And if that wasn’t dumb enough, after she calmed down and realized the trouble she’d gotten herself into, she called Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell to get him to use his influence to pull her fat out of the fire. Rendell, apparently, has the good sense not to want anything to do with this.

This isn’t Lane’s first brush with making an ass of herself fame. Back in May, the recently divorced journalist (And don’t you forget it, unless you want a punch in the face!) mailed bikini shots of herself to NFL network anchor Rich Eisen. Problem was, the account was one shared by Eisen and his wife.


It seems Ms. Lane needs a few lessons in humility and judgement. And maybe CBS3 needs a new anchor.

(hat tip: The Jawa Report)

POSTSCRIPT: Alycia Lane has evidently started her vacation early. What a surprise.