Bhutto’s murder as an honor-killing

While writing about the Bhutto assassination a few days ago, I said that she was killed in part for being a woman who would not submit to sharia, that she was a victim of Islamic misogyny:

Refusing to wear the veil, taking an active role in public life, not submitting meekly to the men in her family, she was a threat to everything devout Muslims believe in. The Islamists couldn’t allow her to live.

Phyllis Chesler saw much the same thing, calling the murder a “political and cultural honor killing:”

Bhutto was the first woman Prime Minister of a Muslim nation and she symbolized an unacceptably Western form of female ambition and achievement. She had attended Harvard/Radcliffe and Oxford. She spoke English—perhaps more fluently than she spoke her native Sindi or Urdu. She once dressed as Western women do. Indeed, many Muslim women from wealthy families, including educators and feminists, have done so for a long time. They cannot do so now.

I am suggesting that, as a member of the Ummah (or larger Muslim collectivity), Islamist fanatics decided that Bhutto was unacceptably and publicly too-Western, and they sentenced her to death for this sin.

Chesler goes on to list several “political honor killings,” rapes, and mutilations in Pakistan’s recent history, part of the brave, brave jihadis’ war on women. Her article is well-worth reading.

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One Response to Bhutto’s murder as an honor-killing

  1. ERS says:

    I don’t see Bhutto’s murder as any kind of “honor” killing. She was part of a family dynasty in which three others have already been assassinated. And all three were male.
    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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