This explains a lot

Venezuelan coke-head President Hugo Chavez has admitted that he chews coca leaves, the source of cocaine:

‘I chew coca every day in the morning . . . and look how I am,” he is seen saying on a video of the speech, as he shows his biceps to the audience.

Chávez, who does not drink alcohol, added that just as Fidel Castro ”sends me Coppelia ice cream and a lot of other things that regularly reach me from Havana,” Bolivian President Evo Morales “sends me coca paste . . . I recommend it to you.”

It was not clear what Chávez meant. Indigenous Bolivians and Peruvians can legally chew coca leaves as a mild stimulant and to kill hunger. But coca paste is a semi-refined product — between leaves and cocaine — considered highly addictive and often smoked as basuco or pitillo.

”It is another symptom that [Chávez] has totally lost the concept of limits,” said Aníbal Romero, a political scientist with the Caracas Metropolitan University. “It shows Chávez is a man out of control.”

So Chavez, an ally to narco-traffickers, is himself a druggie and President Morales is his pusher. No wonder those two countries are such shining examples of progress and stability.

LINKS: Jammie-Wearing Fool and Sweetness & Light, which has video.

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