I can’t make up stuff this weird

First there was Farfur the Fascist Mouse. Then there was Nahoul the anti-Semitic Killer Bee. Now Palestinian television presents the latest and greatest in genocidal yet cuddly animal characters for children’s programming: Assud the Jew-eating Rabbit!!


Let’s give them their own state, shall we? Because, well, they so richly deserve it.

(hat tip: Fausta)

LINKS: More at Solomonia.

UPDATE: Welcome readers of The Belmont Club! You might also like to see the follow-up post: Then They Came For Nahoul.

UPDATE II: Edited 2/26/2011 to clean up links broken in the move from Typepad.

2 Responses to I can’t make up stuff this weird

  1. I weep

    Those evil Zionists have killed a true hero of the Islamic Resistance: Assud the Jew-eating Rabbit! For more about the great mujahedeen Assud and his brothers, Farfur the Mouse and Nahoul the Killer Bee, start here. Remember, this is Hamas’…

  2. Hamas in their own voices

    There’s no need for us to expose them fascists and terrorists, to demonize them. Not when we can let their own words do the job for us: Meanwhile, Hamas continues its abuse of Palestinian children, using television to recruit them…

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