One more rat sent to Hell

Who blew up Imad Mughniyeh?

For now, my money is on the Israelis. Not only have they wanted to get Mugniyeh for over 20 years, but, in the wake of their failure in the Hizbullah War of 2006, they’ve needed to reestablish themselves as a nation not to be screwed with — the Middle East is a region where any sign of weakness is punished. Israel’s air-raid on the "secret" Syrian nuclear facility a few months ago was one step. Killing the military chief of Hizbullah and one of Iran’s most important proxies is likely another.

Some have argued that car-bombing is more of a Syrian technique, pointing the finger at Damascus, where Mughniyeh died. I’m not convinced. Mossad has used car-bombs before, notably in the hunt for the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich massacre. (Update: The Long War Journal, linked below, points out two more recent instances of the Israelis using car-bombs.)

It also makes little sense for this to be a Syrian job. Hizbullah is an Iranian creation, and Mughniyeh was a top leader of the organization. He also was a key operative for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. And Hizbullah is also one of Syria’s main tools for exerting its influence in Lebanon — particularly after their military was forced out of Lebanon in the 2005 Cedar Revolution. I can’t see Syria doing something that would anger their client, Hizbullah, and their patron, Iran, and harm their own interests in Lebanon.

No, this was an Israeli job. One that likely has Mughniyeh’s boss, Sheikh Hassan "Dead Man Walking" Nasrallah wetting himself.

And let’s be clear: Imad Mughniyeh was a rabid rat who got what he deserved.

Well done, Mossad.

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  1. Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh has been blown to bits

    Israel’s military forces have crushed the second most dangerous man who led the Hezbollah, who was also one of the culprits in the 1983 attack on Marine HQ in Lebanon. According to this further news, he even had ties with al Qaeda:

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