Castro resigns

Good coverage at Fausta’s blog.

One thing to note is that the murderous 81-year old dictator is handing the reins of power to his 76-year old "kid brother," Raul.

Anyone else have memories of the USSR circa 1982, when Brezhnev finally died and was succeeded by the elderly Yuri Andropov, who died in 1984 and was in turn succeeded by the equally aged and even less healthy Konstantin Chenenko, who himself died less than a year later? Next came Gorbachev, and we know what happened to the Soviet Union after that.

Will we see a similar pattern in Cuba, or will the leadership manage the transition to maintain their rule, as the Communist Chinese did after the death of Mao?

UPDATE: Richard Miniter points out something that everyone else (including me) missed, and also notes the Castro-worship on NPR’s "Morning Edition."

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