April 1, 2008

I haven’t commented on Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilder’s 15-minute propaganda video on Islam, Fitna, because it’s been so thoroughly covered in the blogosphere already. Suffice it to say, I found little to disagree with in it.

Many did, however, in the Muslim world. Typically, they’ve called for Wilder’s prosecution and even murder for criticizing Islam, and demanded what would amount to the suppression of free speech. Typically, there’s been no condemnation from Muslims of the fascist sentiments spouted by Muslims who use Qur’anic texts to justify them, the very point of Wilders’ criticism. And, yes, typically, the Western reply to these threats to human freedom has been appeasement.

The redoubtable Pat Condell, however, refuses to appease:


Go, Pat. thumbs_up

To watch Fitna for yourself, click below:



For a more detailed look at the controversy over Fitna, that is, the Muslim outrage and the craven Western response, read Robert Spencer’s column at Pajamas Media.


UPDATE: There’s an online petition in support of Wilder’s right of free speech here. I signed it.


(hat tip: LGF)