Serial liar

April 5, 2008

Should we be outraged when she’s exposed for another blatant lie, or is she an inconsequential irrelevancy now?

(hat tip: Hot Air)


Worth watching

April 5, 2008

Sure, it’s a campaign propaganda video, but, if you just take on their own the things John McCain experienced, without spin, it’s still pretty amazing:


And, if he wins, I’m pretty sure he’ll be the only president who’s ever been bayoneted.

Compared to that, handling Speaker Pelosi will be a breeze.

(hat tip: Power Line, who’s for the warmonger. So am I.)

The hour of the Goracle

April 5, 2008

Jennifer Rubin looks at recent poll numbers and notes the Democrats’ dilemma: While Barack Obama is extending his popular lead over Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters, his popularity with general election voters versus John McCain is declining. If these trends continue up to the convention in Denver, what will the superdelegates do?  They were created expressly to prevent a bad candidate from being nominated and, since neither Lady Macbeth nor the Prophet Barack can win the nomination without the superdelegates, the choice really is theirs alone. Could we see a first ballot with neither candidate winning, and then, on the second ballot, a superdelegate rises to nominate Al Gore as a compromise candidate?

Rubin thinks it’s highly unlikely, but less so than it was before these latest numbers. I, on the other hand, think it’s quite possible, but that it would also be suicidal for the party’s chances in November. Forget for a moment the angry, hurt Democrats who might vote Republican if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination: the fact is, Al is a lousy campaigner. He couldn’t even carry his home state in 2000. Had he done that, he would have been president and avoided self-humiliation in Florida. What makes any Democratic official think he would be any better now, given his habit of publicly insulting any who dare to disagree with him, even calling them “digital brown shirts?”

The bottom line is, the Democratic Party has no good choices.