No, this is not from Monty Python

This seems to be a genuine North Korean propaganda video full of praise and thanks to the “progressives” in the US who have stood up to the Bush Administration:

The criminal US imperialist Bush and his cabal of Klu Klux Klan capitalist warmongering oil-thirsty war criminal hegemonists who lord it over have turned the outside world into a dark pit of blackness devoid of dignity and human rights, without the slightest joy or laughter of children who had their eardrums stolen by the criminal Bush corporate vampire for sale in “Israel”.

But out of despair… Hope.

As we speak even in the “USA” enlightened progressive political dissident put their own lives in danger to rally against the criminal Bush, united in anti-US anti-imperialist socialist revolutionary struggle to build a world of peace.

This video is a tribute to US progressives of all walks of life who defend the cause of justice and peace in the world.

Thank you to all comradely progressive brothers and sisters.

And this video is just chock-full of …interesting… images of these comradely progressive brothers and sisters:


Fair warning: some of these images are not safe for work. Others will just give you nightmares.

(hat tip: LGF, which notes that the images are all stolen from the Zombietime blog.)



One Response to No, this is not from Monty Python

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    This video reminded me of another North Korean propaganda video. It’s actually from a documentary about North Korea that I had never seen, but the video is the training regiment that Kim Jong Il’s bodyguards go through. Enjoy!

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