You failed me, Lady Macbeth

May 7, 2008

It’s hard to see how the former Her Inevitableness can continue after getting crushed in North Carolina and barely winning in Indiana. She now has even less of an argument for convincing the superdelegates to deny the Prophet Barack. (Hey, I thought they were the Democratic Party? Don’t the voters count? –Rocky Only when they do what you want. Now go back to swimming.) And her campaign is in dire straits financially: she’s had to loan it money again. Logic says she should cut her losses. On the other hand, winning the presidency is the whole reason Hillary stayed with philandering Bill and put up with humiliation after humiliation: this is a woman who wants power the way a lush wants another whisky. It may not be in her to quit until the last ballot is cast at the convention.

And not everyone thinks it’s time for her to go: Jonathan Last thinks yesterday changed nothing.

Me, I’m disappointed in yesterday’s results. I was hoping for an outcome that would knock neither out, but would instead guarantee that both would fight until the convention in Denver. Last notwithstanding, I think that’s much less likely now, and that we’re almost certainly looking at a McCain-Obama face-off in the Fall.

And while it looks like an uphill fight at the moment, my money’s on the grumpy old guy.

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