Good question

Why isn’t Barack Obama bothered that terrorists support him?

UPDATE: So far, I seem to be the only one who’s noticed this tidbit from the article:

…in the context of a recent Al-Jazeera story about how young
Palestinians in Gaza have banded together to call American voters at
random asking them to vote for Obama
. Rockets by night, Obama phone
banks by day?

Hamas supporters calling Americans to asking them to vote for Obama?? As if a similar trick worked so well for Kerry when pulled by the Guardian in 2004. That alone could guarantee a McCain win.


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One Response to Good question

  1. Steve in TN says:

    Why are we surprised? Obamanation kicked off in the living room of a terrorist duo with support from mobsters and other terrorist sympathizers and attended a church that publishes and glorifies articles from terrorists and awards those who support terrorists.
    I’m REALLY looking for that isolated country property now where I can live the life of a bitterly clinging gun owner and religious zealot. Welcome to the compound…

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