Effective ad

May 17, 2008

I’m going to be out all-day today at a symposium, so this is it for blogging. But I wanted to share this: I think it’s a very effective ad attacking Obama for his position on second amendment rights:


If the RNC keeps coming up with ads like these, the McCain campaign will owe them a big "thank you." I think it will play very well outside the liberal enclaves, and maybe even in them, among moderate Democrats.

My own position on guns? I don’t want one and wouldn’t have one in the house. I’m just as likely to blow my own foot off as take down a burglar. However, I think it’s pretty clear that the plain text of the amendment guarantees an individual right to own firearms, while allowing for reasonable regulation. The Founders considered it so important that they placed it second in the Bill of Rights, just after the right to free speech.  The decision (PDF) by the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in the Parker case agrees. Hence I think gun control is another area where Barack Obama is dead wrong.

I realize he’s the Prophet of New Politics and the Prince of Hope and Change, but his opinions are so far to the Left that I just can’t see how he’ll capture the moderate voters he needs to win the election.

Have a great day! rose