Argh! (and links)

May 21, 2008

My home computer has a video card that’s giving up the ghost, and the replacement won’t be here until tomorrow. (God bless second-day air.) The constant play of random pixels and vertical bars across my monitor is making it nearly impossible to use this thing, so no blog entries today, other than this one. And this on a day when a couple of big (and mostly bad) things happened. I’ll try to post tomorrow about them, but, for now, here are a couple of links:

A French appeals court overturned Philippe Karsenty’s conviction in the trial over his charge that France-2 was involved in a monstrous fraud when it made Israel appear guilty of the death of the child Mohammed al-Doury. This is the good great news, and you can read all about it at Fausta’s blog.

Then there’s the bad: in a dual defeat for the West in the war against jihadist Islam, Hizbullah won effective control of Lebanon and Pakistan surrendered the Northwest Frontier Province to al Qaeda-allied movements — the Pakistani Taliban.

Neither is a good thing, and both together constitute potentially major setbacks. I hope to be able to write more about these tomorrow, assuming I can see this monitor again without feeling like I’m on a bad trip….