Wow. She really does have no shame.

May 22, 2008

Lady Macbeth has compared the controversy over seating the Florida and Michigan delegations at the Democratic convention in Denver to the tragedy befalling Zimbabwe:

Desperate to get attention for her cause to seat Florida and Michigan delegates, Hillary Clinton compared the plight of Zimbabweans in their recent fraudulent election to the uncounted votes of Michigan and Florida voters saying it is wrong when "people go through the motions of an election only to have them discarded and disregarded."

"We’re seeing that right now in Zimbabwe," Clinton explained. "Tragically, an election was held, the president lost, they refused to abide by the will of the people," Clinton told the crowd of senior citizens at a retirement community in south Florida.

"So we can never take for granted our precious right to vote. It is the single most important, privilege and right any of us have, because in that ballot box we are all equal. You’re equal to a billionaire. You’re equal to the president, every single one of us."

I’m no fan of Howard "The Scream" Dean or the policies of the Democratic Party, but to compare their admittedly poorly conceived attempts to enforce the Party rules to Mugabe’s brutal rule in Zimbabwe is obscene. It’s insulting not only to her fellow Democrats, but to the poor people of Zimbabwe, who have had their suffering trivialized by Hillary’s asinine comparison.

Once again, Senator Clinton has shown she has one of the biggest political "tin ears" in politics. She owes all sides a profuse apology.

(hat tip: The Weekly Standard)

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You know it’s bad

May 22, 2008

When even the Associated Press, which is usually happy to shill for left-liberals, calls the Prophet Barack’s foreign policy “questionable.”

(hat tip: LGF)