Why we have a 2nd amendment

An atrocity like this is almost impossible to predict and prevent, once someone is determined to act out:

A man who police said “was tired of life” drove into a crowd of pedestrians Sunday and then went on a stabbing rampage in Tokyo’s top electronics and video game district, killing seven people and wounding 10, authorities said.

The deadly lunchtime assault paralyzed the Akihabara neighborhood, which is wildly popular among the country’s youth. The killings were the latest in a series of grisly knife attacks that have stoked fears of rising crime in Japan.

A 25-year-old man, Tomohiro Kato, was apprehended in the attack, authorities said.

“The suspect told police that he came to Akihabara to kill people,” said Jiro Akaogi, a spokesman for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. “He said he was tired of life. He said he was sick of everything.”

News reports said the man crashed a rented, two-ton truck into pedestrians, then jumped out of the truck and began stabbing the people he’d knocked down before turning on horrified onlookers.

The attacker grunted and roared as he slashed and stabbed at his victims on a street crowded with Sunday shoppers, reports said.

“He was screaming as he was stabbing people at random,” a witness told NHK.

Japan has the most stringent gun-control in the democratic world. As Diplomad points out, one armed citizen could have saved a lot of lives.

Maybe the founders knew what they were talking about.



One Response to Why we have a 2nd amendment

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    I actually had a couple of friends in that area at the time of the incident.
    Gun control really is an interesting thing over here. A couple of months back a looney-tooned middle aged man took his shotgun (that he legally owned- you can still own a rifle or shotgun provided you have a hunting license and pass a police interview) and shot-up a sports club. The national gun association out here (something akin to the NRA in America) actually lobbied for more stringent control on who can own a gun in the form of allowing the law to revoke guns from people who don’t pass a mental screening.
    Guns carry an extremely negative connotation over here. Though one of the police officers threatened to shoot the man a friend tells me that police must receive permission to fire their gun even if lives are at stake. If you read the WaPo version of the story it talks about how the officer actually fenced with the guy with his night stick before taking out his pistol.
    As far as the second amendment goes, I still maintain that rather than public safety it is in place to ensure that should the government get too haughty-taughty with it’s powers the people still have a means in which to fight back. In other words, another fine example of a balance between government and people.

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