I think I need to sit down….

A columnist for the UK’s very left-wing Guardian newspaper has said the world has been made a safer place … by George W. Bush:

Jimmy Carter was cheered when he visited Newcastle with Jim Callaghan. Bill Clinton was lauded in Northern Ireland. But it is more usual, at least with more consequential holders of the office, for American presidents to be told by European demonstrators to go home.

The postwar history of our continent would be different and less benign if the United States had heeded that message. His office, and the system of collective security from which we benefit, would be justification enough to welcome President Bush’s visit to London this week. But there is an additional reason peculiar to the Bush presidency. For all Bush’s verbal infelicity, diplomatic brusqueness, negligence in planning for post-Saddam Iraq, and insouciance regarding standards of due process when prosecuting the war on terror, the world is a safer place for the influence he has exercised.

The writer can’t resist a few cheap and inaccurate digs at Bush (probably lingering BDS symptoms), but, still, this an eyebrow-raising admission.

(hat tip: Contentions)


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