A victory for free speech in Canada

June 27, 2008

Under tremendous pressure (and ridicule) for their persecution of Canadians for exercising their rights to free speech, the Orwellian British Columbia Canadian "Human Rights Commission" has dropped all charges against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine. As Ezra Levant, another victim of the HRC’s star chamber, writes:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission, like any petty tyranny, has a strong instinct for survival. As I predicted last week on the Michael Coren Show, that instinct would cause them to drop the complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s. And so they did.

With an RCMP investigation, a Privacy Commission investigation and a pending Parliamentary investigation, they’re already fighting a multi-front P.R. war, and losing badly. Not a day goes by when the CHRC isn’t pummelled in the media. Holding a show trial of Maclean’s and Steyn, like the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal did earlier this month, would be writing their own political death sentence.

So they blinked. Against everything in their DNA, they let Maclean’s go. That’s the first smart thing they’ve done; because the sooner they can get the public scrutiny to go away, the sooner they can go about prosecuting their less well-heeled targets, people who can’t afford Canada’s best lawyers and command the attention and affection of the country’s literati.

Be sure to read the update at Ezra’s site for the difference between the Human Rights Commissions and the Human Rights Tribunal: the former are the "prosecutors" who charge and the latter are the "judges." In this case, the British Columbia HRC refused to continue the auto da fe prosecution of Steyn and Maclean’s, thus they never went before the judges, who have a 100% conviction rate.

Stalin would have loved that.

(hat tip: LGF)

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UPDATE: I goofed. It was the federal Canadian Human Rights Commission that dropped the investigation. Steyn and Macleans still face the Political Correctness Inquisition in British Columbia.