Well, we can’t have that!

August 5, 2008

Imagine, a Jew using the Qur’an to teach Muslim psychology students how to treat patients with kindness and respect. What is the world coming to?

Arab media around the Middle East this week reacted hysterically after learning that a Jewish professor at Haifa University is using verses from the Koran to teach Arab Muslim psychology students how to treat their future Muslim patients.

Professor Ofer Grosbard developed the Quranet course using specially chosen verses from the Muslim holy book to help students reinforce in their patients concepts like respect, responsibility, honesty, dignity and kindness.

Grosbard realized the need for the special course after one of his Muslim students complained that traditional Western psychology would be ineffective on Muslim patients who hold tightly to superstitious beliefs.

Despite the fact that the Quranet course was developed together with 15 Muslim students and was reviewed by three Islamic clerical figures, Muslim authorities around the Middle East denounced the project because it was overseen by a Jew.

Emphasis added. Read the whole thing to find other glorious statements of philo-Semitism, tolerance, and concern for the image of Islam. I mean, we wouldn’t want people thinking Islam encourages violence and is rife with Jew-hatred, would we? (via Raymond Ibrahim at Jihad Watch)

If they weren’t so deadly, these guys would be self-parodying black comedy.