Are they mocking themselves?

August 27, 2008

I mean, even the acolytes of the Prophet Barack couldn’t seriously think it a good idea to have him appear for his acceptance speech through a faux-Greek temple?




(via Fausta)


What’s next for the Cult of the One? Will Progressive maidens strew rose petals or palm fronds in his path? He already has Bon Jovi opening and Bruce Springsteen closing for him, but will his ascension entrance be accompanied by Also Sprach Zarathustra?





The Obama campaign must be so far into its own echo chamber that it can’t see how ridiculous all this fawning worship looks to the average American voter, who has a deep aversion to any candidate who comes across as smug and superior. And why oh why do they keep feeding the McCain campaign such good material?


I’m telln’ ya, this stuff is going come back to bite them in November. Loser


LINKS: Both Fausta and Ed note yet another Star Trek connection. Perhaps Obama will beam down to Denver? Also Sister Toldjah, Blue Crab Boulevard.

UPDATE: The Political Inquirer has come up with the perfect campaign photo for the event: