Throw it up and see what sticks

September 8, 2008

I tell ya, by the time this election is over (and perhaps for the next four years) Sarah Palin is going to need her own janitorial crew as part of her entourage to deal with all the dirt being flung at her. In the interests of truth, here are two more sites to keep handy when someone says “Did you know…”

First, contrary to popular Lefty opinion that sees all religious people as anti-scientific mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers, Governor Palin has not advocated teaching “creation science” (or creationism or “intelligent design”) in the school curriculum. Now, can we please lay that canard to rest? Waiting

Second, has a post up debunking not only the creationism lie, but several others as well. Be sure to bookmark that one.

It’s a measure of how frightened the Obama campaign and its “Progressive” allies are of Palin that they resort to these easily disprovable smears. To quote their leader,

The American people aren’t stupid.

No, but they treat us as if we were. Angry

UPDATE: And here’s another one. Honestly, at the rate the media reports scandal after Palin scandal, you’d think she was from Chicago, not Wasilla.

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Well, he is smarter than the rest of us

September 8, 2008

According to Joe Biden (remember him?), the success of the surge is due to … listening to Joe Biden.




I’m sure General Petraeus will dedicate his memoirs to him, too.




Ready! Aim! Fire! (At one’s own foot…)

September 8, 2008

Dean Barnett, on the Obama campaign’s nervous breakdown after Sarah Palin’s nomination:

After ten days of wild and sometimes unnervingly insane thrashing, the Obama campaign has decided to cease its hostilities against Sarah Palin and beat a manly retreat.

Of course, much damage has already been done – to the Obama campaign, not Palin. In the preceding days, Barack Obama himself had gone on the attack against Sarah Palin. The top of the ticket attacking the bottom of the other ticket is unprecedented. Did Ronald Reagan attack Geraldine Ferraro? Did Bill Clinton go after Jack Kemp? It’s a rule in politics that you only aim up; by aiming down, Barack Obama diminished himself. By whining about being picked on by a girl and manfully vowing that he would not allow said girl to bully him, he diminished himself further. It’s hard to believe given the way the Obama campaign has determinedly machine-gunned its foot that Palin has only been part of the ticket for ten days.

There’s an interesting symmetry here: just as Obama so discombobulated Hillary Clinton’s “inevitable” campaign that it lead her to do stupid things that only hurt her own cause (such as citing a kindergarten essay the Prophet Barack wrote), Palin’s arrival has likewise driven Obama, his staff, and his media lapdogs to self-destructive folly.

I can only imagine that, as she lies awake at 3AM brooding on what might have been, Hillary indulges herself in a bitter smile at the irony.