Poor Joe Biden

September 15, 2008

Joe Who?


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Pakistan fired at US choppers?

September 15, 2008

I’m sure it was just an accident. After all, these are our allies. *cough*

Report: US helicopters fired on while crossing Pakistani border

A US military incursion into the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of South Waziristan was aborted after Pakistani troops opened fire on the force, reports from Pakistan indicate.

At least two American helicopters were fired on after crossing the Pakistani frontier near Angoor Adda in South Waziristan, Geo TV reported. "The U.S. choppers came into Pakistan by just 100 to 150 meters at Angor Adda. Even then our troops did not spare them, opened fire on them and they turned away," an anonymous security official told Reuters.

The incident has not been confirmed by the US or Pakistan military.

Et tu, New York?

September 15, 2008

That banging noise you hear is the sound of Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod hitting his head against his desk at the latest news: The McCain campaign is surging in New York.


BOOSTED by the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Republican John McCain has experienced a surge of support among women in heavily Democratic New York state – where he has closed the gap with Barack Obama, new private polls show.   

The internal Republican and Democratic polls, details of which were provided to The Post, have stunned members of both parties – and produced deep worries among Democrats.   

One great concern for Democrats is that the data show a continuous movement toward the McCain-Palin ticket by women, a majority of whom traditionally favor Democrats.   

The movement by women toward McCain is being credited to Democratic attacks on Alaska Gov. Palin, last week’s "lipstick on a pig" crack by Obama and to the continuing unhappiness by female Democrats over Obama’s failure to pick Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate.   

"If it winds up being tight in New York, that means McCain wins the election nationally," said a prominent Democrat familiar with some of the polling data.

There’s no way around it: on top of worrisome polling data from New Jersey, Florida, and Ohio, that heavily Democratic New York is at all competitive is just awful news, hinting at a November train wreck for the Hopenchange Express. At the minimum, they’re going to have to spend a lot of money in the expensive New York media markets to defend a state they thought was in their pocket. 

And that’s not the only gloomy news troubling Obama’s sleep: In her column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Salena Zito looks at the traditional Democratic strategy for winning Pennsylvania (which has voted Donkey in recent elections) and at ways McCain might take it. My own prediction has been that McCain would win the election by capturing Pennsylvania, due in part to western/rural resentment to the cultural disdain and condescension shown by Obama in his San Francisco gaffe

But Zito points out something I hadn’t thought of: western Pennsylvania is part of the great rust-belt stretching all the way to Michigan. If polls show Obama already doing worse than Kerry did in Pennsylvania, he may be in real trouble further along in the "old Northwest:"   

Perhaps the bigger argument is that if McCain is posting Bush 2004 poll numbers in Pennsylvania in the waning days of this election, it indicates that Ohio, Indiana and Michigan are already lost to Obama. Pennsylvania is just that small percentage point more Democrat than her Rust-Belt sisters.   

University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato says his tentative conclusion is that McCain should not allow the money to run in Pennsylvania unless he has unlimited resources, and instead should look west. His argument: If McCain is close in Pennsylvania, then he already is well above 300 Electoral College votes and won’t need it to win.

Of course, a lot can happen in the weeks remaining until election day, and Obama-Biden might find an inspired strategy to turn things around. (Oh, stop snickering.) McCain and/or Palin might commit some horrendous blunder. The financial meltdown taking place on Wall Street might scare people into the welcoming arms of the Democrats’ statist vision of the economy. Lots could change between now and November fourth. 

But, for now and for the foreseeable future, the omens are all wrong for the Prophet Barack and his minion, Hairplug.

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UPDATE: The public polls aren’t any rosier for The One.

Would-be jihadis demand removal of 9/11 statue

September 15, 2008

Of course, it’s all in the name of peace and tolerance.




Quote of the day

September 15, 2008

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel on his Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, in March, 1943:

"Sometimes you feel that he’s not quite normal."

Nah, really? What was your first clue?

(cited in An Army at Dawn, p. 411)