Opposition to Iran is a bipartisan issue

September 19, 2008

Unless, of course, you invite Republicans to the event. Jennifer Rubin has more on people who think it more important to insult Palin than stand united against Iran.


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Palin interview follow-up

September 19, 2008

One last bit about ABC’s extended interview with Sarah Palin: a Hollywood director who chooses to remain nameless because of his conservative leanings has looked at the film and concluded ABC was out to deliberately diminish Palin: Charlie Gibson and ABC News Camera Trickery. I won’t include quotes here, because you really need to see the included photos to understand what was going on. I think it’s quite revealing.

Also, if you saw the interview and wondered about some of odd jumps or "off" answers Palin gave, wonder no more: ABC edited her answers, materially changing some of them or altering their context. Newsbusters has the transcripts.

And yet the mainstream media would have us make the most significant choices we can make as voters based on our trust of them as "information gatekeepers."

Yeah, it made me laugh, too. Rolling on the floor


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Obama the race-baiter?

September 19, 2008

I rarely read or listen to Rush Limbaugh. Though a darling of conservatives and an immensely successful talk-show host, in my opinion he oversimplifies issues too much and too often substitutes mockery for analysis in ways that drive off fair-minded centrists.

This time, however, he’s dead right:

I understand the rough and tumble of politics. But Barack Obama — the supposedly postpartisan, postracial candidate of hope and change — has gone where few modern candidates have gone before.

Mr. Obama’s campaign is now trafficking in prejudice of its own making. And in doing so, it is playing with political dynamite. What kind of potential president would let his campaign knowingly extract two incomplete, out-of-context lines from two radio parodies and build a framework of hate around them in order to exploit racial tensions? The segregationists of the 1950s and 1960s were famous for such vile fear-mongering.

Discombobulated by the McCain campaign’s successful attacks and seeing the mantle of "change agent" stolen from him by McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin and the Arizonan’s real record of reform (and by his own lack of any genuine bipartisan accomplishment), the Prophet Barack has resorted to McCarthyist tactics and ethnic bloody shirt-waving to regain his edge.

So much for the new, post-partisan politics.

Elections are about policy and character, and Obama has shown his. Yet, nearly half the nation wants this man as president?

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