Too thin-skinned to be president?

I’ve noted for a while now Barack Obama’s sensitivity to criticism. He doesn’t like it; his acolytes don’t like it either. Nothing too unusual in that. All politicians and their fans think they’re being misrepresented.

But not all of them ask local law enforcement to persecute their critics.

Here’s the ad that has Harbinger of Hope and Change all riled up:


I don’t know whether it’s wholly accurate or not, but it doesn’t seem out of line for a political ad on a hot-button issue. In fact, it’s accuracy is not the issue at all, but the Obama campaign’s attempt to deny the free speech rights of its critics. And this isn’t the first time the Obama campaign has tried to shout-down opponents.

The Obama campaign’s attempt to suborn law enforcement for its own benefit is so outrageous that the Governor of Missouri has denounced it, telling the Prophet Barack to grow up.

If Candidate Obama is so thin-skinned that he and his people feel compelled to resort to political thuggery against critics, do we really want a President Obama running the Justice Department?

(hat tip: Fausta)

LINKS: Dan Riehl; Instapundit has lots of links; Sister Toldjah; Little Green Footballs; Power Line smells the stench of police-state tactics; Michael Ledeen compares it to Saudi-style libel tourism. Apt, indeed.


7 Responses to Too thin-skinned to be president?

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    Alien and Sedition Acts anyone?

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