Nanny, may I have my steak now?

September 30, 2008

Because you’re too stupid to make intelligent choices about the foods you eat, the Mandarins of the Golden Dome in Sacramento and the Governator have decreed that all restaurant menus will list the fat, carbohydrate, and sodium content of each of their meals.

Because, Lord knows, without Sacramento intervening, you may not realize you shouldn’t have a double whopper with cheese for lunch every day.

I can’t wait to see the new menu at my local Morton’s.


(hat tip: The Jawa Report)

I am officially weirded out

September 30, 2008

Children singing the praises of the Prophet Barack:


What comes after the inauguration? A Young Pioneers League? Al Gore shrieked years ago about "digital brownshirts;" will Obama bring us the Blueshirts?

OK, I’m being a bit facetious, but this is kind of unnerving. Nailbiting

(hat tip: Campaign Standard)

LINKS: The Anchoress wonders if we’ll get our "two minutes of hate; AJ Strata hears Goebbels calling; Roger L. Simon calls it Amazing (Dis)grace. Ed Morrissey wonders if an NBC exec is behind this and sees a couple of creepy parallels. I note an earlier instance of the "Don’t think, just sing" movement here. Confederate Yankee thinks Big Brother would approve.

UPDATE: Fausta posts some of the lyrics:

“We’re gonna to spread happiness.
We’re gonna to spread freedom.
Obama’s gonna change it,
Obama’s gonna lead us.
We’re gonna change it
and we arrange it:
We’re gonna change the world.”

Ew. There’s a disturbing resemblance to this:


I weep

September 30, 2008

The New York Sun is closing its doors today. One of the few papers practicing genuine journalism, it was a valuable resource for anyone looking for real information. While Center-Right in its editorial slant, I rarely had reason to question the objectivity of its news articles – unlike the case with the New York or Los Angeles Times.

It will be missed. Sad

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Welcome to Saudi Britain

September 30, 2008

Britain has permitted the use of Sharia law in arbitration hearings, backed by the full force of British law.


The inimitable Pat Condell unloads:



If you’re British, the petition Pat speaks of is here.

(hat tip: The Jawa Report


UPDATE: The censors at YouTube have deleted the video (mustn’t offend Saudi Arabia, after all), but Little Green Footballs has a copy. Hah! Loser

From the inside

September 30, 2008

Media bias? What media bias? Glenn Reynolds quotes a letter from a newsroom source who asked to stay anonymous:

"Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working."

Somehow, I don’t recall Lincoln speaking of government "of the media, by the media, and for the media" in any of my history texts.

Must be a misprint.

LINKS: Sister Toldjah, The Anchoress, Blue Crab Boulevard. Ed Morrissey calls this a "dog bites man" story.


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