Mrs. Palin goes to California

October 5, 2008

Sarah Palin was in Carson, California, yesterday, just a few miles down the road from Public Secrets Imperial HQ. I couldn’t attend the rally due to other engagements, but you can watch her speech in full here. Part two is to the right in the menu below the video, and the segments are about 25 minutes long in total. (Warning, Firefox doesn’t handle the ABC site well at all. I had to watch in IE or Google’s Chrome browser.)

I think they’re worth watching for a couple of reasons: first, the McCain campaign is finally –FINALLY—hitting Obama for his associations with former terrorist William Ayers. This speech shows flashes of the Sarah Barracuda we Righties fell in love with during the RNC. It’s about time. Elections are about about character as much as policy, and few things reveal character as much as the people one chooses to associate with. McCain-Palin should be hitting every day on not only Ayers, but convicted felon Tony Rezko, racist preacher Jeremiah Wright and firebrand Michael Pfleger, Obama’s connections to the corrupt Cook County and Chicago political machines – all of it. Palin’s attacks are a good start, and the campaign has promised to get much more aggressive. But is it too late?

Second, the video is worth watching to see Palin as a public figure. The crowd loves her. (Numbers varied from 10,000-30,000 attending.) She has an easy way of interacting with them that they eat up. She’s immensely likeable, and average Americans relate to her. She’s a good speaker, and I suspect she’ll only get better. Why on Earth the McCain people kept her under wraps in the weeks between the convention and her knockout performance in last Thursday’s debate is beyond me. It’s not for nothing we’re seeing bumper stickers like this:

Palin McCain

(Fair disclosure: I get a small cut if you order any through my site.)

There’s the question, of course, of why bother to come to California? It’s not as if the Republicans can expect to flip this state, the politics of which are dominated by the deeply blue Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. But a couple of reasons come to mind:

  1. California is an ATM for political campaigns. It’s a sad truism out here that candidates only come to the Golden State to raise money.
  2. However … I live in Los Angeles and work in the heart of liberal La-La Land. Any type of conservative is a scorned minority, about as welcome as a cockroach on a dinner plate. And yet, talking with liberal friends, it occasionally slips out, when no one’s looking, that they’re going to vote for McCain. I don’t know why. Some are disgruntled Hillary voters, some are troubled by the Prophet Barack’s Chicago connections, some may even be victims of the fabled "Bradley effect." But I have to wonder if the real race in California isn’t closer than public polls lead us to think. If so, it makes sense to have Palin spend a day or so here.

Finally, take a look at the video at the same ABC site titled "Thousands turn out to see Palin." (They don’t make it easy to do direct links. Phbbbttt ) The report not only shows the rally, but protestors outside the site. Look at the question they have on the big screen they brought with them: It demands Palin explain why Wasilla charged rape victims for the investigatory kits. This is an accusation that has been shown to be utterly false. It is a lie.

In other words, the followers of the Harbinger of Post-Partisan Politics don’t give a damn about the truth, and the Obama campaign has done nothing to rein them in.

Remember that the next time you see an Obama ad.

(hat tip: Power Line)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Palin was introduced at the rally by … the head of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW. Click for the video.


FOLLOW-UP: That site is awful for finding things. The first video, which the link should take you to, is titled “Palin: Time to take the gloves off.” Part two is “Obama is ‘palling around with terrorists’.” The news video mentioned above is “Thousands turn out to see Palin.” Hey, ABC! Make direct links possible!


Whack-a-mole continues

October 5, 2008

Darn it! American brave jihadi traitor Adam Gadahn is still alive. Doh


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Sunday morning humor

October 5, 2008
Saturday Night Live on the financial bailout.(h/t Hot Air)  If even they aren’t buying the Democrats’ spin, you know it’s bad.