You have your orders, Senator

October 9, 2008

Via Steve in TN, a guest at a townhall meeting in Wisconsin today lets McCain and Palin know that he’s mad as Hell, and they should be mad, too:


I know why McCain goes for the bipartisan reply, but Mr. Straight-talk needs to name names about the schmucks in Congress who let Fannie and Freddie spread rot in the financial system until the whole thing collapsed. Anyone who looks at the situation honestly can see what happened and who’s to blame, but it needs to come from the nominee (and, I hope, the next president) to really have an effect, to focus the issue.

Like the man said, get mad, John. Angry


Oh, why not?

October 9, 2008

According to Harry "We’ve lost the war" Reid, tying Barack Obama to Franklin Raines is racist.

Might as well be. Any other criticism of the Harbinger Post-Partisan Politics and the Prophet of Hope, Change, and Waffles is automatically racist, too.

McCarthyism lives in the Democratic Party, and political discourse is dead. Sad


McCain on ACORN

October 9, 2008

From today in Waukesha, Wisconsin:



The al-Qaeda marriage to the Taliban is still a happy one

October 9, 2008

A couple of days ago, I mentioned reports that the Taliban had broken with al Qaeda and were seeking a separate peace. At the time, I was skeptical. Turns out I had good reason to be.

We’ll just have to keep killing them by the bucketfull*, I guess.

*(Or, as they say in Latin, urceatim. Love that word.)


Quote of the day

October 9, 2008

Jim Geraghty:

William Ayers is a monster, who sought to kill American soldiers and their girlfriends. The misconduct of a prosecutor may have left Ayers "guilty as sin, free as a bird", but the American people don’t have to pretend Ayers’ construction of bombs never happened.

The American people would never pretend that it is normal to be an employee, friend, and associate of Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph. It’s time to ask the hard questions of why Obama had no problem working for and with this man for so long.

Allow me to throw out a potential line: "There’s reason to doubt that oft-repeated pledge of ‘supporting the troops’ when you’ve worked for a man who tried to kill the troops."


October 9, 2008

The McCain campaign goes nuclear over the Obama-Ayers connection:


Elections are about character as much as policy, and we need more ads like these (and on Rezko, Fannie and Freddie, Daley) to hammer home the issue of Obama’s character, honesty, and judgment. And McCain has to hit him on this at the last debate and tie it to his judgment on the economy. This, plus Obama’s ties to the New Party, are relevant to dealing with the economic crisis.

(hat tip: Ed Morrissey)

LINKS: More at Campaign Standard, Sister Toldjah, Pax Parabellum (who gets to tell me "I told you so" over Obama Blushing).

UPDATE: Does the Obama-Ayers relationship go back to the 1980s? But… but… the official (and therefore true, you clinging bitterly person) story is that they only met ten years later. (via Great White Rat)


The Prophet Barack has some explaining to do — Updated!

October 9, 2008

I've been very wary of assertions that Barack Obama is a socialist, a crypto-commie, or some sort of radical Leftist. While he's very comfortable associating with those kinds of people, it doesn't necessarily mean he believes their garbage. He could, after all, be to them what he is to the rest of his flock, an empty canvas on which they see whatever they want. In other words, a fraud. And I didn't want to lower myself to the same type of McCarthyist tactics Obama has been using.

But a link sent to me by a friend this morning makes me wonder: was Barack Obama a member of the New Party, a party founded by the Democratic Socialists of America? Politically Drunk on Power has the details, but, to summarize:

Obama was endorsed for his Illinois State Senate run in 1996 (the same campaign that was kicked off from former-yet-proud terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's home, bear in mind) by the New Party. Fair enough: Obama ran as a Democrat, and an endorsement by an organization doesn't mean one belongs to it.

  • Except a New Party 1996 update lists Barack Obama as a party member.
  • Except an article in Progressive Populist from November, 1996, lists him as a party member.
  • Except an article in the Democratic Socialist Party of America's newsletter lists him as a party supporter.

And no evidence has ever come forth that Obama ever denied he was party member or declined membership.

Why do I think the question of Obama's membership in a small radical party 12 years ago is important? Because Obama's actual record –not his words, but his record in the US and Illinois senates– puts him on the far Left of the Democratic Party. It is fair to ask if Obama was then and is still influenced by the ideals and philosophy of the New Party and the DSA. It is fair to ask him why these documents describe him as a member and, if they are wrong, how did they make such a mistake? And it is fair to ask why he ran as a Democrat, apparently concealing his New Party membership.

It is important because it goes to the heart of the kind of foreign, economic and other domestic policies a President Obama would pursue, just as his relationship with former terrorist and current educator William Ayers speaks to the kind of educational policies he might pursue.

And it speaks to his honesty, his candor.

Barack Obama has some explaining to do, and the voting public should demand answers.

LINKS: This has spread around the Rightie blogosphere since I first received the link. Some others talking about this are Ace, Hot Air, Exurban League, Jammie Wearing Fool, Gateway Pundit, The Jawa Report, and Power Line.

UPDATE: Via Ace — Did Obama sign a written contract with the New Party? If so, let's see it!

UPDATE 2: Kevin from Exurban League makes an excellent point in the comments section:

If McCain was a member of The John Birch Society in 1978, it would kill his campaign.

If McCain was pals with Eric Rudolph, it would kill his campaign.

If McCain went to Fred Phelps' church for twenty years, it would kill his campaign.

But yet none of the hardcore left-wing equivalents of these actions has killed Obama's campaign.

No, I don't get that, either.

UPDATE 3: Ed Morrissey and Rick Moran both express concerns about the sloppy use of words like "socialist" that mirror my own at the start of this post.