Just a guy in his neighborhood…

The Prophet Barack, when asked by George Stephanopoulos about his relationship with former (and proud) terrorist William Ayers, dismissed him as “just a guy in my neighborhood.” In other words, contact was incidental, trivial, unimportant. He hardly knew him.

Ayers was “just a guy” with whom Obama shared an office for three years.

And yet Obama never knew of Ayers’ past or his radical, anti-American views on education? The man who worked to have him hired to run the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, through which Obama then funneled over $1,000,000 to Ayers’ pet educational project? (And which happened to be run from the same address…)

Puh-lease. Talk to the hand

Again, the problem isn’t that Barack Obama worked with an unrepentant ex-terrorist and (to this day) anti-American educator whose writings he admired, or that he directed millions toward this man’s projects to no discernable good for the children of Chicago (though either alone is bad enough), it’s that he has repeatedly lied about this relationship and, when caught in one lie, rapidly shifted to another lie.

Elections are about policies and character, and Obama’s serial evasions about his relationship with Bill Ayers speak volumes about his character and integrity.

And they render him unfit to be president.

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