The Fred speaks!

The Republican National Committee arranged for former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee to speak on the dangers posed by an Obama Administration and a Congress controlled by the Democrats. It’s an excellent address, laying out the conservative, pro-free market case in plain, homespun language, while also hinting at the threats to civil liberties an Obama Administration might pose. At twelve minutes long, it’s well worth your time. Roll the tape, Tito!


This video makes me sorry Fred’s campaign fizzled. His principles are close to my own, and he "does presidential" better than anyone else on either side of the aisle, but, alas, he never had the fire in his belly to campaign the way he needed to. Worried

However, I think this is a great speech that should be seen by every undecided voter and depressed McCainiac. Given its length, I can’t see it running on TV, though it would be perfect as a rebuttal to the Prophet Barack’s address to the masses before game six of the World Series on the 29th. If it’s a web ad, then won’t it wind up as nothing more than preaching to the choir? I wonder what the RNC has in mind? I dont know

Regardless, enjoy this moment of Pure Fred Goodness.

(via Ed Morrissey)



One Response to The Fred speaks!

  1. Steve in TN says:

    I was a Fred Head. Dang it.
    Even at his “relaxed” pace, Fred would be about 8 points up on The Prophet right now. The GOP chose the wrong candidate.
    “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

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