Do not criticize the Harbinger of Hope and Change, lest ye be called names

October 29, 2008

Michael Ramirez skewers the Prophet Barack. Click to enlarge.


Rolling on the floor


Write the Los Angeles Times

October 29, 2008

The Los Angeles Times is sitting on a videotape of then-State Senator Barack Obama at a dinner honoring former PLO spokesman(and therefore an apologist for terrorists) Rashid Khalidi. They have offered one lame excuse after another for not releasing the tape, even though, with Obama’s sketchy public record, it could have a material bearing on a voter’s choice.

This is unacceptable and verges on journalistic malpractice. Write the LA Times and let them know that, for the sake of the public, for their profession, and for their own integrity, they must release that tape.

Reporter Peter Wallsten, who wrote the original article that mentioned the tape, can be reached here:

The LA Times Reader Representative can be reached here:

Write them politely, though. We don’t want to act like a bunch of screaming Kos Kidz, now do we? Angel

But write them. Demand the truth.

LINKS: Center-Left news site Politico says they would have released the tape. Jennifer Rubin reminds the Times of its obligations and has suggestions for what the once-great paper could do even without releasing it.

UPDATE: (via LGF) Doug Ross has received tips regarding quotes from Obama that are on the tape. If accurate, this would qualify as genuinely explosive. If. This should provide more pressure on The Times to release the tape and settle the mystery. Unless Ross is right and they’re covering for The One:

Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can’t release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there’s been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

It would be really controversial if it got out. Tha’s why they will not even let a transcript get out.


Why not just say "the dog ate it?"

October 29, 2008

Trotting out their latest excuse for suppressing a tape of Barack Obama at a dinner honoring former terrorist spokesman Rashid Khalidi (at which were also former yet proud terrorists Ayers and Dohrn), the Los Angeles Times-Democrat has a new excuse:

“The Los Angeles Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided to us by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not release it,” said the newspaper’s editor, Russ Stanton. “The Times keeps its promises to sources.”

I think we have a new winner in the "how gullible do you think we are" contest. Does anyone truly believe the Times would be so scrupulous if the tape featured Sarah Palin or John McCain?

I didn’t think so. Waiting

Whatever is on it, this stonewalling by the Times will only make it look worse for Obama when it does come out.

Which is why we probably won’t see it until next Wednesday.

LINKS: Fausta summarizes the affair. Ace is offering a reward.


The woman is no dummy

October 29, 2008

It's been fashionable among liberals to bash Sarah Palin as not very bright, which isn't surprising — it's been a standard insult hurled against conservatives in general since at least Eisenhower's time. It makes elitist Lefties feel good when they lose elections: "Well, we're still smarter. Nyah!" But even the "cocktail conservatives" like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks, those conservatives who have been tamed and are allowed to attend elite parties as long as they bash their own side or remain quiet, have joined in the Palin bash — Brooks infamously calling her a "cancer" on the party.

Well, Elaine Lafferty, former editor-in-chief at Ms. Magazine and devout liberal, begs to differ. Sarah Palin is smart:

Now by “smart,” I don't refer to a person who is wily or calculating or nimble in the way of certain talented athletes who we admire but suspect don't really have serious brains in their skulls. I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight. Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had. Palin is more than a “quick study”; I'd heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action. She sees. She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts. What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

Be sure to read the whole post. There are interesting observations also about reactionary feminists. (Face it. The real reactionaries are on the Left, these days.)

There was a video included with Lafferty's article of the speech Governor Palin gave at UNLV on women's rights, but it seems to have vanished. Not to fear, however, for Tito's crack team of ninja techs found it on YouTube. He's tried his best to queue it up for you, but the embed doesn't seem to be working properly tonight. You can, however, watch it here. About 25 minutes long, it's a good speech that should go a long way toward dispelling the "not intelligent" calumny.

About the "cocktail conservatives," however, the less said the better. Phbbbttt