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On Ohio, Pennsylvania, King Coal, and the race card:

Particularly in the case of Pennsylvania, there are now about five Democrat-issued warnings or insults that could entice blue-collar voters in these formerly blue counties to vote Republican without ever having to resort to race.

Obama started the ball rolling during another trip to San Francisco, during which he was caught on tape calling the people of Pennsylvania and other rural areas "bitter" people who "cling to guns and religion" and dislike of immigrants and others. Joe Biden offered his opinion on coal in September, which the Chinese can have at but we shouldn’t go near. Rep. John Murtha of Western Pennsylvania followed up on Obama’s sneering with a one-two punch by calling his own constituents "racists" and then following up with a softer epithet— "rednecks." And finally, we have Obama’s cavalier talk of coal industry bankruptcy.

Rather than wondering which racists will not vote for them on Tuesday, a more realistic worry would be which reasonable people possibly could in these areas where the Democratic ticket and surrogates have offered high-profile insults to the the very people whose votes they wish to earn. When your outreach is this inept, the race card should be revoked. We should not allow them to use the imagined bigotry of others as an excuse for their own considerable bungling.

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  1. Matt Goodman says:

    Redneck != Racist

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