The ‘Cuda speaks!

November 7, 2008

Today was Sarah Palin’s first day back on the job, and she was her plain-spoken, forthright self. MSNBC had extended coverage of her informal press conference in the governor’s office in Anchorage:


On clothes, backstabbers, and being back in Alaska, she minces no words. Noteworthy: Governor Palin says she has no plans to run for Senator Stevens’ seat, should he resign or be expelled from the Senate. Good plan; I’d rather see her finish her term in Alaska, build her executive experience, and get reelected before challenging then-President Obama in 2012, if she chooses to run. She’ll have plenty of opportunities to build a national constituency in other ways over the next four years, and Fausta has some good suggestions.

Sarah Palin may have returned to the land of ice and snow, folks, but she’ll be back.

Count on it. Cowboy

(hat tip: Hot Air)


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