Pot, meet kettle

The other night I attended an event in Hollywood that featured the screening of a popular TV show, followed by a Q&A with the creator. I went with a friend because we’re working together on a spec script for that same show, and we figured it would be useful.

What I didn’t figure on was how annoying it would be.

We all know that Hollywood is dominated by left-liberals and Lefties, so, as this was the night after the election, some crowing over Obama’s win was to be expected. Fine. I’ve no problem with that.

What I wasn’t ready for was the level of knee-jerk bigotry exhibited by the moderators, audience, and the creator. They just couldn’t resist taking vicious, ignorant shots at Bush, McCain, Palin, and conservatives and Republicans in general. And their cluelessness about the nature of the enemy we’re fighting in this Jihadi War was appalling.  Not only was it completely off-topic for the evening’s program, but I’m certain it never occurred to them that they were doing those same intolerant things they accuse conservatives of, or that there might have been people in the audience who didn’t share in the group-think.

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or get angry, so I quietly did both.

As screenwriter Roger L. Simon at Pajamas Media has often pointed our, the most closed-minded people and biggest reactionaries are so-called Progressives.

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if I fit in such a world. It certainly was an eye-opener.

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2 Responses to Pot, meet kettle

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    Yeesh… sounds like how most of the English teachers act like over here in Japan.

  2. Steve in TN says:

    It isn’t stopping at verbal bashing from the stage… Did you hear about the guy that got arrested in Philly for wearing a McCain*Palin tee-shirt in public on election night? The cops dragged him away as the masses cheered and jeered.
    We thought Waco and Ruby Ridge were bad… Enter the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Peace.
    Do you love Big Brother?
    And, of course, there’s the Obama spokesperson telling Tom Brokaw all about how Obama is ready to “rule” on day one…
    Let’s hope it stays on the stage being spouted by the useful idiots instead of being official policies dictated from the Dear Leader’s bunker.

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