Someone actually fell for this?

November 17, 2008

An Oregon woman fell for the infamous Nigerian 419 scam and lost $400,000 — her husband’s entire retirement savings.

I predict a divorce in her near future…. Doh

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Oh, this is going to hurt

November 17, 2008

A top NATO official from Estonia has been identified as a deep-cover Russian spy. Among his areas of expertise are missile defense and cyber-security.


A spy at the heart of Nato may have passed secrets on the US missile shield and cyber-defence to Russian Intelligence, it has emerged.

Herman Simm, 61, an Estonian defence ministry official who was arrested in September, was responsible for handling all of his country’s classified information at Nato, giving him access to every top-secret graded document from other alliance countries.

He was recruited by the Russians in the late 1980s and has been charged in Estonia with supplying information to a foreign power.

Several investigation teams from both the EU and Nato, under the supervision of a US officer, have flown to the Estonian capital Tallinn to assess the scope of what is being seen as the most serious case of espionage against Nato since the end of the Cold War.

“The longer they work on the case, the more obvious it becomes how big the impact of the suspected treachery really is,” according to Der Spiegel magazine. A German official described the Russian penetration of Nato as a "catastrophe".

More so than the information on missile defense, which has yet to be deployed in Europe, Simm’s betrayal has major implications for computer and network security. Estonia has been an IT leader in Europe and has been pushing NATO to make cyber-security a major piece of its overall strategy. In fact, Estonia was the target of Russian cyber-attacks in 2007 that took several government departments offline, giving a real-life example of the need to protect government and military Internet systems. Simm could have hurt Western cyber-defenses in two ways: by revealing our plans to defend these networks, and by revealing how much we know of Russia’s (and other countries’) offensive and defensive plans. NATO has to start with the assumption that he told his paymasters everything and work backward from there.

"Catastrophe" may be too mild a word. It will take a major expenditure of time and money to figure out the damage he’s done, let alone rectify it. And some can likely never be fixed.

The article reports that Simm is facing between three and fifteen years in prison. Too bad he’s not facing a firing squad, instead. Angry

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Change you can believe in

November 17, 2008

Just wait until you get a load of President-elect Obama’s choice for White House Counsel, the president’s top legal adviser.

Among his more illustrious clients is Ronald Reagan’s assassin.

What’s next? Squeaky Fromme as head of his Secret Service detail? Raised Eyebrow

Change, Chicago-style!

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