There are times

I'm a great believer in democracy and universal adult suffrage, but there are moments that try my faith.

Like this one:


Excuse me while I go find a brick wall to beat my head against. I know I promised not to act as liberals did toward Bush voters in 2004, but … damn. Time out

LINKS: Ed Morrissey connects this to a Zogby survey to show that this is no joke. Sister Toldjah wonders what we can do to get voters to actually pay attention. (Not much, probably. It's the curse of democracy.) More at Ace of Spades.

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2 Responses to There are times

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    I love the hip, college girl wearing the “OBAMA” t-shirt. Her “I don’t own a TV line” was so intellectual. What a loser…

  2. Matt Goodman says:

    Why the question about Barney Frank? I know who he is because he’s local. Why else would anyone know? Because he was chair of the finance committee?

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