The pet-rock presidency

November 20, 2008

Work is busy today, so there’s not much time for posting, but I want to share this link: AJ Strata has a post today that looks at Obama’s stands on two issues, national security and climate change, and concludes he’s an incoherent follower of fads who uses them to push liberal policies — sometimes openly, sometimes in the background. The key quote:

So what is the pattern we are starting to see here for President-elect Obama? Well, it seems to mirror the Clinton model. The man who promised change is filling his cabinet with liberal democrat retreads. He is a Kool-Aid swilling liberal who wants to push the country left.  He is not being bold, he is seeing what can be poll tested successfully. He is the man of fad. Whatever is popular he is for, whatever is not he claims no position.

Be sure to read the whole thing.