Obama’s latest appointment

Iowahawk has the scoop. Obama appoints Clinton to Presidency:

Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government’s executive branch.

"I am pleased that Bill Clinton has agreed to come out of retirement to head up this crucial post in my administration," said Obama. "He brings a lifetime of previous executive experience as Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, and has worked closely with most of the members of my Cabinet."

Clinton said he was "excited and honored" by the appointment, and would work "day and night" to defeat all the key policy objectives proposed by Mr. Obama during the campaign.

"I am gratified that the President-Elect has entrusted me with this important responsibility," said Clinton. "I’m looking forward to getting back behind, and under, the Oval Office desk again. As I have told the President-Elect, I pledge to do whatever I can to serve his historic administration by making sure that none of that bullshit he talked about during the campaign will ever see the light of day. Americans can rest assured that he will be safely confined to the East Wing, as far away as possible from any potentially dangerous office equipment or nuclear buttons."

Rolling on the floor


2 Responses to Obama’s latest appointment

  1. Samaila Akeweta says:

    What is the role of the Chairman of the Federal Government’s Executive Branch which Bill Clinton would be heading?

  2. Responsible adult?
    Seriously, it’s a satire poking fun at Obama’s tendency so far to appoint Clinton Administration people.

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