Why we have a 2nd amendment



This is from 2003, and Gratia-Hupp is a former Texas State Representative. Too bad she’s not still in politics; we could use someone like her in Washington.

It’s stories like these that gradually converted me from an advocate of gun-control to a defender of the individual right to bear arms. It’s as SteveTN at Pax Parabellum likes to say, when you have only seconds to spare, help via 911 is minutes away.

Oh, and it’s always a pleasure to see Chuck Schumer squirm. The weasel.

(via reader Lance)


2 Responses to Why we have a 2nd amendment

  1. Matt Goodman says:

    I don’t remember who suggested it, but their idea was that every woman should be required by law to carry a handgun. They thought it would reduce all kinds of crime, and at the minimum always make a criminal think twice.

  2. Steve in TN says:

    It is Gratia-Hupps’ last comment that prompts the Schumers and Obamas of the world to try to keep us (the People) from exercising that right.

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