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Just a couple of interesting links to share tonight, both related to the jihadist assault on Mumbai.

At EagleSpeak, Eagle1 provides excerpts from Indian newspapers detailing how the Muslim terrorists reached Mumbai by sea, and the sad fate of the crew whose ship they hijacked.

Meanwhile, Power Line forwards a thought-provoking message from "a well-informed reader" about the implications of India’s test. Here’s a excerpt:

If Al Qaeda and its terrorist allies wanted to serve a reminder that they declared World War IV on the civilized world (to borrow Norman Podhoretz’s formulation), they did so this week when they brazenly attacked the epicenter of the world’s fastest-growing economy, targeting Westerners and assassinating key enforcers of the anti-terror law enforcement network in Mumbai, India.

The terrorist attacks on India’s commercial center, the bustling 19 million person city of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), must serve as a wake-up call to a lethargic and infighting Indian government that has thus far failed to respond aggressively to a series of deadly attacks on Indian soil. Indeed, in over a dozen attacks on India over the past four years, no nation except Iraq has lost more of its people to terrorist attacks. And no less than the battle for Iraq, the battle for India must be won if civilized, democratic, free market economies are to triumph over terrorists.

The Democrats’ fantasies aside, this is not a police matter. This is war.

See you tomorrow!

UPDATE: It seems some of the Mumbai cops were abject cowards. Nauseating. (h/t Blue Crab Boulevard)


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