Dumb blonde reinforces stereotype

December 1, 2008

Via Newsbusters:

File this one under “Deluded Expectations.” During MSNBC’s coverage of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, on Thursday, daytime anchor Alex Witt seemed frustrated that the election of Barack Obama 23 days earlier — and the accompanying “global outpouring of affection, respect, hope” — had not caused an end to terrorist violence.

Talking with correspondent John Yang, who was covering the Obama side of the story, Witt conceded that while “you certainly can’t expect things to change on a dime overnight….There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought — at least hoped — would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come.”

Kudos to Yang for not laughing in this twit’s face as he gently gave her a spoonful of reality. I’ll bet she can’t understand why the seas haven’t lowered, yet, either. But at least she had the sense of perspective to remind her audience that the terrorist attack in Mumbai had interrupted The One’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Earth to Obamaton: these refugees from a medieval lunatic asylum couldn’t care less about who’s in the White House, and all that "hope and change" garbage just makes them giggle. They’re at war with us because their religion tells them it’s their duty. Maybe you should try reading something other than a teleprompter.

And we depend on people like Witt to keep us informed.

We’re doomed. Doh

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