Supreme Court 1, Truthers 0

Striking a blow for rationality, the Supreme Court has declined to hear Leo Donofrio’s suit over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president. Now can we forget this nonsense and get down to serious matters of policy?

Don’t bet on it. Talk to the hand

Final Thought: I agree Obama could settle this by producing his birth certificate and that he’s dumb for being so stubborn, but this dead horse has been beaten to a pulp. Hawaii’s secretary of state has certified he was born there. That should be good enough. Let it go.

UPDATE: This is linked at the Hot Air article I linked to, above, but I wanted to quote David Horowitz on directly. I can’t stress enough how much I agree:

Conservatives are supposed to respect the organic nature of human societies. Ours has been riven by profound disagreements that have been deepening over many years. We are divided not only about political facts and social values, but also about what the Constitution itself means. The crusaders on this issue choose to ignore these problems and are proposing to deny the will of 64 million voters by appealing to five Supreme Court Justices (since no one is delusional enough to think that the four liberal justices are going to take the presidency away from Obama). What kind of conservatism is this?

It is not conservatism; it is sore loserism and quite radical in its intent. Respect for election results is one of the most durable bulwarks of our unity as a nation. Conservatives need to accept the fact that we lost the election, and get over it; and get on with the important business of reviving our country’s economy and defending its citizens, and — by the way — its Constitution.

(Emphasis added.)

2 Responses to Supreme Court 1, Truthers 0

  1. Ted says:

    The Supreme Court filing (application, brief etc.) in the Connecticut Wrotnowski case is soooooo much better than that in the New Jersey Donofrio case (apparently hurredly written before the Nov 4 election) that I don’t think Team Obama should get too comfortable with the Court’s denial of the first case since the second case IS distributed for Dec 12 conference. How the heck can anyone effectively counter this (great work Leo):

  2. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    At least this issue is more palatable than the rumor that he might use a Zune instead of an ipod. (GASP!) How can he be liberal and not use an ipod?
    Though the above is a link to a webcomic, click on the news link for links to actual articles debating on whether or not he owns a Zune, or was simply borrowing it.

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