Happy anniversary

December 13, 2008

Department of D’oh!: This just shows the dangers of posting soon after getting out of bed and before coffee: it’s the anniversary of his capture, not his execution. Still, it’s a reason for Iraqis to celebrate and I stand by everything I wrote about his fate.

Today is the fifth anniversary of the execution of Saddam Hussein. For Iraqis, it should be a day to celebrate. Hussein and his family and followers had turned Iraq into a living nightmare for over 30 years: torture, rape, murder, millions dead from Saddam’s war with Iran and and from genocide against his own people. He deserved to die.

I remember watching the news about the execution after it happened: the Iraqis weren’t just happy at being rid of a hated dictator. There was a sheer, unbridled joy on the faces of almost a whole nation. It was the kind of happiness and relief that comes when a great soul-crushing terror has been banished forever. Sure, the trial and execution were marred with procedural errors, and the sanctimonious International Community (all bow) clucked their tongues over the violation of his "rights," but, honestly, who with any sense of decency cares?

Iraqis not only needed to know their tormentor was out of power, they needed him dead — they needed to kill him to at last free their souls from his grip. Like the Rumanians in their revolt against Ceausescu, Iraqis had to slay the monster to have catharsis and a chance at a future.

Happy anniversary, Iraq.

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