Comedy gold

December 30, 2008

Harry Reid may not be able to block Governor Blagojevich’s (D-Capone) appointment of former Illinois Attorney-General Roland Burris to fill PEBO’s Senate seat.

It’s a New Year’s laugh riot! Rolling on the floor

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No way! Bush reads books?

December 30, 2008

Washington Post columnist and liberal elitist Richard Cohen is shocked, shocked to discover that President Bush is an avid reader.

Don’t you just hate it when reality ruins a perfectly good prejudice?  Doh


Down with Zionist Oceanspray!!

December 30, 2008

From an anti-Israeli demonstration in New York. Proof that Islamists am brainy people, who done got edukashun:


You know, I always thought cranberry juice was a plot…. Raised Eyebrow

(hat tip: Pax Parabellum)

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The massacre of the innocents

December 30, 2008

Two days ago in Afghanistan, a brave mujahideen died fighting for God and his Prophet. This holy warrior blew himself up –slaying and being slain for the promise of Paradise— to kill Allah's enemies: schoolchildren. (More here and here.)

Yet another proud moment for the Religion of Peace.

There's not much one can say about this atrocity; the horror of it speaks for itself. It does, however, serve as one answer to an old question: why we fight. Michael Ledeen shares a letter he received from a soldier in Afghanistan, one who has questioned whether the mission there is truly worthwhile, something any thoughtful person asks himself at one time or another. The massacre in Khost of a group of children who just wanted to learn to read gave him his answer:

…in the last ten months we have stopped seventeen suicide bombers. Either killed or captured before they could reach their targets. These suicide bombers have come from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Dubai, Chechnya and Germany. These were terrorists that were going to find a target. Somewhere. They chose Afghanistan…I can’t estimate how many children have been saved by us being here, but I can say without a doubt that it is at least one. And in that I have my answer. I am a Father and a Husband. I am a Son and I am a Brother. I know I am loved and I know the sadness it would bring if I were lost. But I am also a Soldier. I have sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves and I will uphold this oath. Today it was the children in Khost Province, Afghanistan. Last week, Mumbai. Five years ago, London. Seven years ago, New York, Arlington and Pennsylvania. My answers are simple: we do make a difference, blood and treasure has been well spent, the darkest shadows of America can’t compare to the evil that lurks in this world, this is not a war of vengeance, this is a war of good and evil, their hatred is bred and taught, America is not the cause and terror will follow us no matter where we are.

A Realist would say that, beyond punishing al Qaeda, what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq doesn't affect our interests, that, in James Baker's words, "we don't have a dog in that fight." But he's wrong, both on a practical and an ideological level.

Practical, because, in this age of weapons of mass destruction –and of jet liners turned into WMDs– we cannot wait for people seeking Paradise over our corpses to come to us. We must go after them and fight them over there. George Bush had this one-hundred percent right.

Ideological, because Americans cannot be true to themselves and the universal principles of human dignity and individual worth on which the country was founded, and yet stand by and do nothing. In an age when another ideology, this time under the cloak of religion,  demands slavery and submission, when it justifies mass murder and calls it an act of devotion, we have to fight.

That's not to say that we must launch a global armed crusade to free everyone. But we have to be clear who we are and what we stand for –  and against. And we should bend all our power -economic, political, diplomatic, and, at times, military- toward the long-term goal of spreading liberty and the creation of free societies in place of those based on fear.

As the writer above said, this is a war of good and evil. If we don't stand up to evil, who will?