Hamas in their own words

January 8, 2009

MEMRI has posted a video of Hamas psychos leaders discussing what turns them on. Hint, it’s not walks on the beach, S’mores, nor even puppies.


It amazes me that these refugees from a 7th-century insane asylum can be so open about their goals, yet so few people bother to pay attention. At wits end

Kind of like another group I can think of

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How to lose in Afghanistan

January 8, 2009

Just do what the Soviets did.


Kristallnacht in Caracas?

January 8, 2009

In November, 1938, the German government unleashed a reign of terror against the nation’s Jews. Thousands of businesses and synagogues were sacked and looted, and tens of thousands of Jews were placed in concentration camps, a vivid foreshadowing of what was to come just a few years later.

Now disturbing hints are coming of a possible anti-Jewish pogrom in Venezuela. The country’s coca paste-eating dictator, Hugo Chavez, is himself an anti-Semite and is heavily influenced by an Argentine Holocaust-denier named Norberto Ceresole. Chavez is allied with the fiercely anti-Semitic Iranian regime, which has regularly threatened Israel with nuclear devastation and sees itself as an agent of the Islamic End Times. Israel is currently at war with Iranian cats-paw Hamas, and Iran, which has a tendency to strike at Jews worldwide, might encourage Hugo to give in to his inner Jew-hater. Or perhaps the coca-addled thug might do it himself, thinking to please his new patrons in Tehran.

Regardless, it’s clear that Venezuela’s Jews live in a precarious situation, and one can only hope that, if it did come to pass, we wouldn’t stand on the sideline.

(hat tip: Kathy Shaidle via Twitter)


Go away, Jimmy

January 8, 2009

America’s worst ex-president (and one of its worst presidents) flaps his gums about the Israel-Hamas war in the Washington Post. Predictably, his article is sanctimonious, riddled with errors and omissions, biased toward fascists, and borderline anti-Semitic.

So, I’m sure he’ll win a Pulitzer for it. Rolling Eyes

UPDATE: Lawhawk deconstructs Jimmy’s article. (h/t Sister Toldjah)