Depending on failure to be right

January 18, 2009

Roger L. Simon dissects Peter Beinart’s (and by extension all liberal pundits’) need for Iraq to fail so George W. Bush can never be vindicated about the decision to invade that country.

And, when you think about it, it reflects their need for their own country to fail, too.



Cardinals in the Super Bowl

January 18, 2009

Yeah, right. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me a senator with less than one term in office, no executive experience whatsoever, and who has socialists and crooks for buddies will become president.

Like that’s ever going to happen. Oh go on


Where Hamas gets its money

January 18, 2009

At The Terror Finance Blog, researcher Rachel Ehrenfeld (author of Funding Evil) recites the litany of money that flows to Hamas from donors such as the European Union, Arab states, the United States, and, shockingly, Israel itself:

Supplies and cash for Hamas have been pledged from all over the world, not merely from Iran, On Jan. 3, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz donated $8 million of the more than $26.7 million raised in a national fundraising telethon for the "Relief of the Palestinian People in Gaza." Qatar, which pledged $50 million when Hamas was elected in 2006, promised to send more.

While condemning Israel, the European Union pledged more than $4 million in "humanitarian aid" to Gaza. In 2008, it provided Gaza with $55.6 million. In addition, European Union member states pledged more than $41 million, including $10.5 million from the British government’s Department for International Development. Japan pledged $10 million, and terror-struck India said it would send $1 million. Norway has announced a pledge of about $4.5 million, while Australia is adding $3.5 million in addition to the $32 million it gave in 2008. Additionally, other countries sent tons of medical and humanitarian supplies. This more than meets the UNRWA emergency appeal for $34 million.

Incredibly, Israel also supplies Hamas with cash. It began transferring truckloads of cash to Gaza after Hamas’ violent takeover of the territory in June 2007. The first transfer of more than $51 million (delivered in Israeli shekels) was purportedly to strengthen the influence of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Gaza Strip and pay the salaries of 35,000 Palestinian Authority employees then allegedly loyal to him. Among those employees, however, were Ismail Haniya, the Hamas-appointed prime minister in Gaza, and Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas’ foreign minister.

(Emphasis added)

Ostensibly, all this money is supposed to be used to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians of Gaza and prop up the near-mythical "moderates" there. (I supposed the secular fascists of Fatah are "moderate" by comparison to the Islamic religious fascists of Hamas, but I fail to see much difference.) Instead, however, all these millions and billions go to buying the weapons Hamas uses to advance its goal of genocide against the Jews of Israel and killing its political rivals in Gaza.

Read the whole thing. If this doesn’t make you wonder at the stupidity of continuing to fund Hamas (and, as Ehrenfeld makes clear, Fatah and its PLO umbrella), you aren’t paying attention.

What was it Lenin once said? Oh yeah…

The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.

LINKS: At Forbes, Claudia Rosett explores the obscene partnership between Hamas and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, UNRWA. (hat tip: Fausta) More also on the UN-Hamas connection from AJ Strata.


Fair and balanced

January 18, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson on the media’s coverage of the Gaza war:

It is also terribly depressing to see the coverage. Each time I watch the melodramatic dispatches of a CNN reporter or read a Reuters dispatch, I ask, “Where were you when the Russians blew apart 40,000 plus Muslims from the center of Grozny? Are you upset about the Turkish Muslim occupation of Cyprus now in its fourth decade? Didn’t Israel give more up of southern Lebanon and Gaza and the West Bank than China ever did in occupied Tibet? And were there more Palestinians lost in Gaza or recently in Zimbabwe, Congo —or fill in the blanks in Africa? Is Russia now occupying parts of Georgia?