Bizarro World

February 5, 2009

Fidel Castro criticizing Barack Obama for being too protectionist? A commie lecturing the President of the United States on the virtues of free trade and chastising him for pandering to unions?

Fidel Castro?? Surprise

I might as well go to bed  — I must already be dreaming!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

February 5, 2009

To be a liberal Democrat, one must first give up all knowledge of even basic economics.

Memo to Barney Frank:

Dear Fat Pig Who Helped Cause This Mess,

Nixon tried wage controls in the Seventies; they didn’t work then either.

Idiot. Doh

(hat tip: Melissa Clouthier via Twitter)


Morale booster

February 5, 2009

Watch as an American soldier reads the riot act to a group of Iraqi National Police who, let’s just say, are not performing to his expectations. For the sensitive in the audience, consider this a strong language warning:

I’ll bet their ears were burning for a week after this. Not worthy

Maybe we should have this officer give a motivational talk to the Senate Republicans, too. Rolling on the floor

(hat tip: Hot Air)


This administration has become a joke, a parody

February 5, 2009

Yet another Obama cabinet nominee turns out to be a tax-cheat.

A Senate committee today abruptly canceled a session to consider President Obama’s nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis to be labor secretary in the wake of a report saying that her husband yesterday paid about $6,400 to settle tax liens against his business — including liens that had been outstanding for as long as 16 years.

She also has small problem with violating House ethics rules. But, hey, what’s a frakking huge little conflict of interest when you’re pledged to serve The One?

Hmmm… Has anyone checked the President’s taxes yet? Thinking

The new Obama poster, via Exurban League:



Musical interlude

February 5, 2009

The great Andy McKee does a cover of Don Ross’ Tight Trite Night:

This guy is incredible. Applause

(hat tip: LGF)


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Let them eat … salmonella!

February 5, 2009

FEMA may have sent tainted peanut butter to ice-storm disaster victims in Kentucky.

Heckuva job, FEMA. I’m just loving this new era competence. Expect to see Geraldo live on the scene screaming about the incompetence of the Obama Bush Administration in 3…2…1…

I’m sure he’ll be along in just a moment. Rolling Eyes

(hat tip: Matt Lewis)