Stuck on Stupid by the Golden Gate

Someone check the temperature in Hell: the San Francisco Chronicle printed an editorial critical of the reactionary "Progressive" politics that are turning my favorite city in California into a Third-World wreck. Rather than welcome a business that will create jobs and pay a good wage, Caille Millner writes, the residents of "the Special City" prefer to hide in a fantasy world: Magic in the Mission

It is too easy to make fun of the people who packed Room 400 in San Francisco’s City Hall to stop American Apparel from opening a store on Valencia Street in the Mission District last week.

They are not serious people. They live in a world where facts like 27 vacant storefronts on Valencia Street and 9.3 percent unemployment statewide and nearly 600,000 jobs lost nationally last month do not matter. The few who read books know no authors beyond Naomi Klein. They do not believe that the world has changed since the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle. This accounts for both the static nature of their vocabulary – "no formula retail!" is their death chant, though anyone who has picked up a newspaper in the last five months could tell you that there isn’t a single retail establishment with a formula today – and the juvenile nature of their worldview. They do not want to see businesses be successful. They do not want the Mission District to be welcoming to different types of people.

What they want is magic.

Read the whole thing. These people are serious candidates for the Commemorative General Russel L. Honoré Stuck on Stupid Award.

(hat tip: Right Wing News)


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